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Erin Spencer Sairam is a Charleston, SC native who shipped up to New England. She works as a freelance writer and content strategist.

As a writer, Erin has covered the workplace, politics and culture through a gender lens. As a senior contributor for Forbes, Erin contributes a column on the intersection of gender and politics. Over the course of her career, she’s interviewed congresswomen, best-selling authors, household name entrepreneurs and even one astronaut. 

Erin has worked on behalf of clients across a wide range of industries to write and edit copy, develop content marketing strategies and pull the invisible levers that make search engines happy. 

When not working, Erin can be found spending time with her 10-year-old puppy Lucy, putting a dent in her ever-growing stack of books, and begrudgingly assembling a cold-weather wardrobe. 

“Erin's work for ForbesWomen is impeccably researched, newsy and thoughtful--a trifecta of qualities that always makes me happy to see her byline on She has her finger on the pulse of the most important gender issues in politics, business and society, which I appreciate and I know our readers do, too!”


Maggie McGrath

ForbesWomen Editor 

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